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Ketodelia Bakery

Keto Cutout Sugar (No Sugar) Cookies (12)

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Irresistible Keto Delight

Indulge in our guilt-free Keto Cutout Sugar (No Sugar) Cookies that taste just like the real deal! These delicious cookies will make you forget you're following a keto diet.

  • Heavenly Taste: Experience the mouthwatering, buttery flavor of our no sugar cookies without compromising your keto lifestyle. Savor every bite of these scrumptious treats that will leave you craving more.
  • Nutrient-Dense Ingredients: Made with high-quality almond flour, coconut flour, cream  cheese, butter and erythritol, our cookies provide a healthy alternative to traditional sugar-laden treats. Enjoy the benefits of a low-carb diet while satisfying your sweet tooth.
  • Perfect for Every Occasion: Whether it's a birthday party, holiday celebration, or a simple family gathering, our Keto Cutout Sugar (No Sugar) Cookies are the perfect addition to any event. Share them with friends and family, and watch as they marvel at the delectable taste of these guilt-free delights.
  • Guilt-Free Nutrition: Each Keto Cutout Sugar (No Sugar) Cookie boasts an impressive nutritional profile with only 98 calories and a mere 1g of net carbs. Indulge without compromising your dietary goals!
  • 12 cookies in a gift box.
per cookie: 98 cals | 9g fat | 1g protein | 1g fiber | 1g net carb