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Ketodelia Bakery

Mini Heart-Shaped Keto Cheesecake

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Indulge in a delicious and guilt-free treat with our mini heart-shaped Keto Cheesecake. Measuring at just 4 inches, this petite dessert packs a big punch of flavor with its crust made of almond flour and butter, and its creamy filling made of cream cheese and sweetened with erythritol. Topped with juicy strawberry and a hint of frosting, this cheesecake is the perfect way to surprise your loved one with a romantic and healthy treat. Order now and enjoy the delicious taste of this keto-friendly dessert while keeping your diet on track.

Size: 4 inches (Good for 2 people)

per half: 29g fat - 8.5 g protein - 4g net carbs - 310 cals